Lighting art successfully


You have the Art! Bring it to its full potential with specialized lighting placement.

 If you have seen artwork displayed in a home, gallery, office, or other type of location, you may have noticed how much lighting impacts the presentation. Lighting artwork properly is essential to experience and understand the complete work of art and all of its illustrious detail. Artwork comes in a great variety of shapes and sizes, including two–dimensional art such as paintings and photographs and three–dimensional art featuring sculptures and carvings. 

LED and Art

Energy Saving and Low Heat

 LED bulbs, although considered to be expensive, emit no UV radiation and a fraction of halogen lamps’ heat.  LED also doesn’t emit IR radiation.  So, invest wisely, and go with high quality LED lighting for your artwork.  After all,  you want your your art to not only be highlighted perfectly, you want you need your artwork to stay in good condition for as long as you have it. 


If you have never thought of it, why not now?


Feature Your Art!

Take your pieces and showcase them in a space that you is just waiting to be utilized! 

Catch your visitors eyes with simple art that has amazing lighting!

Got an idea?  Reach out to us and we will work with you to create the feature space that will enhance your home or office and draw attention to your artwork.